Indigo dye "Sugi" small wood plate (11cm) / Set of 4

  • Indigo dye "Sugi" small wood plate (11cm) / Set of 4

Indigo dye "Sugi" small wood plate (11cm) / Set of 4


Dark indigo dyed on the natural cedar (sugi) plate. 

Normally it takes about 2-3 weeks for delivery from Japan, bit if there's no stock at maker, it will be taken 2-3 months as custom-made item. Thank you for your understating. 

Set of 4 plates. 

Material: Natural cedar (sugi)
Indigo dyeing, waterproof coating
Size: Diameter 11cm x Height 1cm
Handmade in Japan

This is a unique plate for full of functional and beauty, carefully made by Japanese craftsmanship.

What is Ikabari Sugi wood :

In Tokushima prefecture, the part that extends from the roots to about 1 meter above the ground is called "ikabari " 

High-end furniture and building materials are harvested from the straight part of the tree, which is more than 1 meter above the ground.

Due to the imbalanced appearance of the wood grain, "Ikabari" has not been treated as a high-quality wood, but we made the dish like unique and beautiful shape. 

How to use:
* The waterproof material conforming to the Food Sanitation Law improves heat resistance, water resistance, and durability, so you can use it for a long time with peace of mind.
*Please refrain from using a microwave or oven.
* For cleaning, wash with a soft sponge and wipe off moisture with a cloth.
*Cannot be used in the dishwasher.


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Furoshiki are the original multi-use textile. The Japanese have been using them to wrap things since the 17th century but today they’re worn as chic scarves, carried as lightweight bags and displayed as works of art.


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Why multi-use matters

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That’s not going to save the planet, but it’s a better use of resources and helps you declutter your life a little bit too.


Handmade in Japan

We believe Japanese craftsmanship is second to none. That’s why all our furoshiki are hand-printed and sewn in Japan by a family-owned business with over 50 years experience in furoshiki production. See our furoshiki being made here

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