Links Artists

Lucinda Newton-Dunn

Lucinda is a British designer specializing in printed textiles and graphic design. After graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1999, Lucinda moved to Tokyo where she lived for seven years and is now based in Los Angeles with her family. Greatly inspired by her time in Japan, Lucinda began to focus her work on Printed Textiles. With a camera always at hand, the majority of Lucinda’s designs are derived from her countless photos and day-to-day observations. These are then transposed into strong and unique graphic patterns and compositions. She works on a freelance basis, while developing her own line of quality hand-made printed textile products and collaborations. Lucinda has been deeply involved in the launch of LINK.

Hennie Haworth

Hennie is a freelance illustrator based in London. Having studied illustration at Brighton university she now has a client list which includes Penguin, Guardian, Habitat, Urban Outfitters,Waitrose, and Vodafone. Her mixed media illustrations are hand drawn, decorative and very colourful.

Hannah Waldron

Hannah Waldron’s work often explores the textures, patterns,forms and structures of her surroundings,and has an interest in the development of landscape over time. Hannah graduated from the University of Brighton in 2007, and now works commercially as a designer as well as, in her personal work, exploring the process of weaving.

Her first launch design at LINK : 2012 Summer/Fall

Founder / Director / Wholesale

Kyoko (京子)

Kyoko was born in Tokyo, and has 10 years experience in Japan’s retail industry. In 2011, she set up her own online shopping site Mr Magpie. She runs LINK and Mr Magpie as brides to introduce cultures and lifestyles around the world through unique products.

Please send all inquiries (including sales/wholesale) to:

Wholesale (in UK market )

Lucy Edmonds (Quill London)

Lucy started her own brand “Quill London” in 2012, and going to sell LINK furoshiki especially for UK market.
Quill London is the contact for wholesale customers in the UK that wish to stock LINK’s furoshiki. With a passion for paper goods and design-led stationery at its core, Quill London promotes the work of independent stationery and product designers from Japan and around the world.

Photographer (2012 Launch design)

Martin Holtkamp

German born photographer Martin Holtkamp is a highly experienced photographer with a long track record of numerous international editorial assignments and a number of global advertising campaigns.

His work has been exhibited at institutions such as The Association of Photographers Gallery in London, the Laforet Museum in Tokyo, the Mannheimer Kunstverein in Germany and recently at Ricoh’s Ringcube Gallery in Tokyo.

In 2008, Martin relocated from London to Tokyo where he is now continuing to work on photographic assignments mostly for the music and fashion industry.

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