Shall we go for a walk ? Spring has come!


“Furoshiki” is Japanese traditional wrapping cloth. 

In Japan, it is considered impolite to offer a gift directly by hand. To avoid a social gaffe, the ‘furoshiki’ serves a useful purpose in an attractive manner. However, etiquette is aserious thing in Japan, and currently there’s adebate on whether a gift wrapped in a’furoshiki’might not be interpreted that the receiving partyis then expected to reciprocate the favour with areturn gift wrapped in the original ‘furoshiki’. via  Furoshiki

Even though Furoshiki has proper way for using like above example, LINK will offer more modern and casual way especially for spring season. Here are some examples of how to use Furoshiki by LINK.

1) At open air market. You can wrap flowers and even for big baguette!

2) At picnic. You can wrap snacks and 2 bottles of wine. Image


3) At supermarket.  Wearing as scarf, then use as shopping bag.Image


4) On your trip.  Bring compact and make your favorite shape under the sky. Image


Enjoy your spring!

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